"As a little girl, I would listen for hours to my Nana Sullivan sing her beautiful melodies around her home on Long Island. At that moment, at such a young age, I felt as if I uncovered one of my purest ambitions."

Aliana’s earliest influences stem from a pretty diverse set of musicians like Etta James, Aretha Franklin, Linda Rondstat, Peggy Lee, and Paul Simon. Of this decorated set of musicians, one characteristic held true to Aliana and that was a strong sense of Soul. Catchy rhythms, tense soloist transitions to the chorus, and handclaps laid the foundation for all that she loved with music. 

Though music has been a driving force for Aliana, a roundabout route was taken to find her musically driven desires. As a result of her sister’s, Lindsay Lohan, success in Hollywood, Aliana grew up in a very public domain. She spent much of her childhood traveling with family from state to state and sometimes country to country as Lindsay filmed her movies. Though a disconnect from “home” was created, Aliana made the most of constantly being on the move. So many new faces, so many new places, and so many new influences meant one thing; an opportunity to reflect and an opportunity to share her experiences. However, at the time Aliana was only a child and this conclusion didn’t exactly resonate. 

“I believe that we’re all born with a specific purpose and we each have a plethora of traits that distinguish us apart from the crowd. My instincts led me first into the music industry, then acting, then modeling, and now back to music. Each of these artistic crafts make up my composition and staying true to my own path makes me feel as if I have found my most comfortable sense of self. Music just happens to be what drives me everyday.”

Moving back home after years of travel brought its fair share of challenges. Aliana moved to a new town, which meant more unchartered territory; something that she couldn’t seem to shake. She found it difficult to find friends that accepted her for her, rather than judging her by a surname, which had its own reputation. In short, schooling and social groups presented much of the same; distrust and bullying. In making the transition to homeschool, Ali had more free time to reflect, write, and continue refining her sound. Hours of vocal training quickly became days, which soon became years. For the first time in her young career, she decided to let go of her fears and to record an album, A Lohan Holiday. Though it was only meant to be quirky and fun, the album created so much emotion. “Happiness, excitement, and a sense of safety are the only ways I can describe making music.”

“If I had to sum things up in a few sentences, I would say that as an artist, I’ve been exposed to so many variables. I needed to take a step back to find myself. I needed to find out who Aliana the person is before I could define myself professionally. I’m eager to share my stories with the world through song.”




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